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French-American Workshop 2018 – abstract references


Prof Catherine Picart - Bioactive Coatings for Regenerative Medicine [1] Boudou T, Crouzier T, Ren K, Blin G, Picart C. Multiple functionalities of polyelectrolyte multilayer films: new biomedical applications. Adv Mater. 2010;22:441-67. [2] Gribova V, Auzely-Velty R, Picart C. Polyelectrolyte multilayer assemblies on materials surfaces: From cell adhesion to tissue engineering. Chem Mater. 2012;24:854-69. [3][...]

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GIANT International Internship Programme – summer 2018


GIANT welcomes 27 students from top tier US universities for international research experience from 22 May to 27 July.   A unique programme The GIANT International Internship Programme is a unique opportunity for non-European students to gain first-hand experience of scientific research and innovation in state-of-the-art facilities in Grenoble. A scientific and cultural programme complements their […]

Preparing the French American Workshop 2018


Preparation Students involved in this event will have to prepare a slide, a poster and a CV. This includes GIIP interns, and students from other exchange programs (Chateaubriand, Fulbright…). All attendees are encouraged to participate in the “1 minute for 1 researcher” session. SLIDE “ONE MINUTE FOR ONE RESEARCHER” INSTRUCTIONS Students and researchers are invited […]

21 & 22 June – French American Workshop 2018


The 7th edition of the French American Workshop will take place on 21 and 22 June 2018 at Maison MINATEC in Grenoble, in the framework of the GIANT International Internship Programme. This scientific event, supported by the US Consulate in Lyon, the French Embassy in Washington, and the Nanosciences Foundation, gathers academics, scientists and industry representatives. […]

Affiche JSiam 2018

Junior Scientist & Industry Annual Meeting 2018 – 10th edition

Du 16/03/2018 au 16/03/2018

The Junior Scientist and Industry annual meeting (JSIam) is a one-day event dedicated to junior scientists (PhD students and post doc) and industry members. It is an excellent opportunity for both to get to know each other. It’s the occasion for industry members to keep up to date with new research results in the academic […]