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Joseph Fourier University



Joseph Fourier University (UJF) is one of the leading French research-intensive universities for science, technology and health, in the world’s top 200 universities (Shangaï ranking). UJF has 50 large laboratories and its top level research is developed in partnership with national research bodies (CNRS, CEA, INSERM, INRIA,…) and major international facilities located in the Grenoble area (European synchrotron radiation facility – Institut Laue Langevin).
In terms of technology transfer, the university’s assets include a portfolio of over 500 patents, and 25 start-ups that have been created over the past ten years.

Key figures:

  • 16 800 students
  • 1400 PhD students
  • 1500 faculty members and researchers
  • 1400 technical and administrative staff
  • 16 training departments, including an engineering school, a university technology institute (IUT), a graduate teacher-training college (IUFM)
  • 50 laboratories
  • €5 million annual revenue from intellectual property
  • €16 million annual contract resources
  • €240 million budget

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