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Public utilities / services



Electricity / Gas

You will need to have to provide the following information to the Electricity/Gas providers: name and address of the former tenant, number and floor of the flat.
You can choose your electricity / natural gas providers. You will find more information on this topic on the following website:
Keep your electricity/gas bills; you will almost certainly need them to prove your place of residence. It is a good idea to have your partner named on the bill as well as proof of residence (when requesting a residence permit, for example).


Water (société des eaux de Grenoble)

The cold water service is billed annually and calculated according to the reading of your water meter.
There are several water companies providing water in the Grenoble area. You can ask the estate agent or your landlord or the town hall of your place of residence for the name of the water company that provides water for your area.


Telephone / Internet

The installation of your telephone will normally be done without too much delay. You can either purchase or rent your telephone appliance.
For an internet provider, you can go to their websites Orange; Free ; Neuf SFR … Orange normally provides a better coverage and debit if you live outside a town.
France Telecom is the historical operator. You can call them by dialing 1014.
The main mobile phone providers are: Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Virgin Mobile,…


Television license

Any person owning a television set in France must pay an annual license fee. It is paid together with the council tax (taxe d’habitation) once a year. One fee is due per household.
If you import your television set, you should be aware that in France we use the SECAM system, which is not compatible with the standard PAL used in other European countries. For more information, contact a retailer.