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    Biotechnology for healthcare platforms


    Improving healthcare through research

    GIANT’s biotechnology platforms aim to transfer new technology to the healthcare industry as quickly as possible through applications in diagnostics, medicine, and surgery. GIANT possesses the following three biotechnology for healthcare platforms:

    Nanobio platform

    System design, fabrication, and testing resources that combine biotechnology and nanotechnology for use in biology, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics, and, more broadly, patient care. This platform leverages the resources and know-how of several GIANT labs specializing in medical imaging, optical molecular imaging, microsystems, instrumentation, and data processing. Preclinical and clinical trials are carried out in conjunction with the Grenoble and Lyon university medical centers.

    Chemistry platform

    Houses instruments used to study and create interfaces that are biocompatible or that enhance the performance of technological devices. This platform’s main applications include microsystems for healthcare, electronic circuits using organic molecules, batteries, and sensors.

    Clinatec platform

    A biomedical research center bringing together practitioners, biologists, researchers, technology experts, and engineers to work collaboratively on micro- and nanotechnologies for healthcareor more specifically, for neuroprosthetics, neurostimulation, and localized drug delivery. This platform was set to help laboratories shorten the time it takes for new concepts to be transformed into new treatments and surgical techniques. It operates in partnership with the Grenoble university medical center, and is subject to all medical industry regulations and the guidance set forth by the medical center’s patient advocacy board.