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Preparing the French American Workshop 2018


Students involved in this event will have to prepare a slide, a poster and a CV. This includes GIIP interns, and students from other exchange programs (Chateaubriand, Fulbright…).

All attendees are encouraged to participate in the “1 minute for 1 researcher” session.



Students and researchers are invited to introduce themselves in 1 minute with 1-slide presentation (or a 1 minute video clip). To ensure the homogeneity of formats, please use the “Large screen (16:9)” format rather than the “Standard (4:3)” in the “Create” tab in PowerPoint.
There is no restriction in terms of originality, creativity!
However, please keep in mind that the purpose of this slide is to introduce yourself and invite people to come and see your poster. To get some ideas, have a look on past slides: download 2014 slides


Slide should respect the following guidelines:
– Maximum length: 1 slide
– Acceptable file formats: .pptx, .pdf (or video clip .avi, .mp4)
Name of the slide: Lastname-Firstname
Once ready, please email your slide to at least 3 days before the event.



Poster shall adhere to A0 large portrait as the maximum permitted size; you must print it yourself (landscape won’t fit on the support panel). The posters can be put up in at the board that shall be assigned to you from 8am onwards on the meeting day (with supplies at your disposal).


We have thought of the poster as a “full-size” CV, which will be the basis of discussions with attendees. Feel free to insert anything you want such as photos, details about yourself, your

 research background, your skills, your career plans and your expectations.

For those who may need, you can use the power point template: Download template


Participating students and PhDs are invited to send their updated CV to


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