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    Living in Grenoble



    To help you settle down in Grenoble, several volunteer or public organisations were set up in the Grenoble area to welcome you and your family and help you adapt to the French way of life.

    They will be able to assist you with matters related to your daily life in Grenoble, give you practical information and advice about e.g. accommodation, healthcare, schools, social life, and other activities for spouses and children.

    We suggest that you contact them as soon as you arrive, for you and your family to meet other newcomers as well as people who are already settled in the Grenoble area.

    Other useful links and adresses

    For your information, here is a list of specialist web sites in English for expatriates:

    Professional networking

    Coaching/counseling (English speaking)

    • Active Adaptation Counseling: Trudi Penkler – English language counseling services, especially for families in transition. International coach and trainer.
    • SOS Help: listening service in English, from 3pm to 11pm daily.

         Elizabeth Stone Matho: psychoanalyst, art therapy in English or French. Tel: . E-mail: