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    Support for start-ups



    GIANT partners have traditionally turned to three business incubators – Grain, Gravit, and Petale – to support start-ups. These incubators help entrepreneurs with all aspects of starting a new business, from the initial idea born in the lab to industrial and commercial rollout.

    • GRAVIT

    Founded in 2006, GRAVIT helps selected laboratory projects reach maturity. Each year, Gravit identifies around 50 potential technology transfer projects, a third of which receive support.

    • GRAIN

    Founded in 1999, GRAIN is France’s oldest publicly-funded business incubator. Grain helps high-tech entrepreneurs find the necessary staff, get the training they need, conduct market research, and learn about the legal aspects of setting up a new high-tech business. More than a hundred Grain-sponsored projects have blossomed into successful start-ups.

    • PETALE

    PETALE, founded in 2007, takes over where Grain leaves off. As soon as projects turn into new businesses, Petale supports them through the challenging first years when funds are scarce and markets not yet mature. Petale also assists high-tech start-ups (including from outside France) that would like to open a site on the GIANT campus.

    • GEM Entreprendre

    GEM Entreprendre is a nonprofit group founded by Grenoble Ecole de Management students enrolled in its Masters in Entrepreneurship program. GEM Entreprendre runs activities for local entrepreneurs and supports innovation projects by providing management and marketing know-how.