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The energy to innovate


Low carbon and sustainable energy are the environmental issues that have most impacted people’s thinking and habits in recent years. As fossil fuels become scarcer and as awareness grows of their negative environmental impact, scientists and researchers are in a race against the clock to come up with ecologically and economically viable solutions.

There are currently three complementary ways of achieving this transition:

  • energy savings and improved energy management
  • renewable energy sources
  • nuclear energy

These three alternatives must be used proportionally and intelligently to enable a new balance in energy production, storage and delivery.

The GIANT assets

  • The Carnot Institute, gathering most of the research activities in the field of new technologies for energy (CEA, CNRS, Grenoble Institute of Technology and UJF laboratories)
  • The laboratories (CEA, CNRS – Institut Néel, CRETA, G2Elab, LEPMI, SIMAP, LMGP…)
  • The large-scale research facilities for physics (ESRF, ILL, EMBL)
  • Converging topics with micro and nanotechnologies at Minatec and intelligent systems and software at Minalogic.
  • The Tenerrdis competitiveness cluster, covering all the new energy technologies sectors
  • The KIC InnoEnergy, the new European consortium for innovative energy technologies, energy research and education.


Li-ion battery winding machine. Copyright PF Grosjean / CEA LITEN