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Women in Engineering day

Grenoble Institute of Technology held a special “Women in Engineering” day on March 7. Attendees got a chance to explore the role of women engineers in business, a new Grenoble Institute of Technology Alumnae Association was launched, and an award was given out for the best initiatives to attract women to engineering careers.

The Grenoble Institute of Technology Partnership Foundation is built on three pillars: excellence, international development, and citizenship. And citizenship cannot exist without equal opportunity and diversity in all of its forms. That’s why the Partnership Foundation is providing financial backing for programs to ensure that all young people—regardless of background, disability, or gender—are able to gain access to engineering programs at Grenoble Institute of Technology. These programs specifically target the disabled and women—two groups underrepresented in engineering.

Recently, the Foundation invited the entire school to submit their nominations for the best initiative to encourage women to enter the field of engineering. To be nominated, the projects had to focus on raising young girls’ awareness of engineering, from education and career prospects to personal development opportunities. The response was overwhelming, and many of the submissions were impressive. The decision was made to give out not one but two awards, one for faculty & staff (with the financial support of Caterpillar) and the other for students.

The faculty & staff award will be used to create innovative, entertaining communication materials featuring a specially-designed mascot to spread the word among middle-school-aged girls and middle- and high-school science teachers and guidance counselors. Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma faculty member Fanny Poinsotte won the award.

The student award will support the organization of events by Grenoble Institute of Technology’s female students for female high-school seniors and preparatory students. This highly-original project will invite speakers to talk about their real-world experiences as women in engineering with the goal of getting potential women engineers to think differently about their futures. Three female industrial engineering students—Déborah Cornet, Marie Fischbach, and Mariel Niermont—won the award.

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