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NSF grants $3.8 million to UPENN-GIANT PROJECT

nsf-logoThe United States National Science Fondation (NSF) has awarded a $3.8 million grant to the REACT (Research and Education in Active Coating Technologies for the Human Habitat) project, a collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), GIANT and SOLVAY (USA).

The grant will be disbursed over five years to fund basic research to develop innovative materials for use in the production of emergency tents. GIANT has assigned about fifteen researchers from the CEA, CNRS, LMGP and ILL  to this project ; students, through the GIANT international Internship Programme, will also get a chance to take part : in 2016, GIANT welcomes a cohort of 11 UPENN undergrad and graduates students in GIANT labs, and 4 GIANT students (PHELMA-IUT) will go to UPENN for their internships.

For more information, check the REACT’s website:

Fellows Stephanie Barrow, Tagbo Niepa, David Ring and Ted Trigg, along with undergraduates Gabe Angrand, Alena Klindziuk (Bryn Mawr College), Eric Schwartz, Brent Studenroth (Villanova) and Robert Tannebaum started their 10-week research experience in Grenoble, France on May 23, 2016.

Video Highlights from Grenoble – 2016 Cohort.

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