GIANT’s governance


GIANT’s story officially began when the founding members came together to apply for funding under the French government’s 2009 economic stimulus package. The grants awarded brought new state-of-the-art equipment, flagship research labs, and a new technology research organization, IRT Nanoelec, to the GIANT campus.

How it works

Today GIANT is governed by a board comprising representatives from each of its eight founding members and its close partners. Board meetings are held two or three times a year and are chaired by the CEA (CEA Tech).

These meetings, attended by the directors and executives of GIANT member institutions and companies, focus on operations and strategy. The overriding objective is to ensure that the campus’ maintains a high level of scientific and academic excellence.

Since the beginning, GIANT has been run on a shared budget funded by the eight founding members and approved by the members each year.

GIANT's coordination groups

All year long, GIANT coordination groups keep GIANT’s members and partners connected, meeting regularly to prepare for the board meetings. The founding members, represented by their directors, are in charge of the strategy roadmap, which lays out specific objectives for the campus.