A discussion group addressing key issues and challenges in management and HR

The GIANT Human Resources Management (HRM) Club was created in 2013 to bring together those working in human resources at each of GIANT’s eight founding institutions.

It’s aimed at HR directors and managers within the GIANT alliance and focuses on topics such as job mobility, professional development, and how to attract employees.

The Club holds working meetings where academic staff are brought in to present a specific HR topic and give examples of best practice from Europe and around the globe.
There are also round-table sessions to allow the eight GIANT partners to update their fellow members on internal activities and projects underway on campus and identify topics to be explored in more detail at subsequent meetings.

The Club thus provides an opportunity for the GIANT members to work together on campus-wide HR projects and develop effective managerial and HR tools for the benefit of all employees across the GIANT member institutions.
For example, members can attend joint training sessions, share candidate applications with the rest of the network and even make staff available to other partners when needed.

The Club is now looking to open up to other HR professionals working at GIANT partner organizations who want to take part in its projects.

Contact: Ludivine Calamel, PhD & HDR 
Associate Professor in the People, Organizations, and Society Department