Other GIANT partners


GIANT could not fulfil its mission without its many local partners. These organizations work with GIANT in a variety of ways, helping to create synergies and promoting GIANT internationally. GIANT’s founders have built partnerships with companies from a wide range of industries over the years around initiatives that include teaching and hosting student interns and engaging in joint R&D projects with research labs. It is this unique approach that makes GIANT a top-ranked campus for experimentation and innovation and the anchor of Grenoble’s international-caliber tech ecosystem.

GIANT—leading innovation and supporting inward investment in Grenoble

GIANT and its partners drive the local economy, including through their affiliation with Grenoble Alpes, the Greater Grenoble intermunicipal authority’s recent rebranding campaign, The new Grenoble Alpes brand embodies the values shared by the pioneers that make Grenoble such an attractive place to work, study, and live.

GIANT Innovation Campus