GIIP – GIANT International Internship Programme


Putting Grenoble on the map as France’s premier destination for gaining high-level research experience.

The GIANT International Internship Programme (GIIP) is a unique opportunity for non-European students selected by their home institutions to gain some early international scientific research experience at Grenoble’s state-of-the-art facilities.

The program consists of a three-month internship with a laboratory or company on the GIANT campus. Participants also receive a range of services to ensure a soft landing, from help finding accommodation and filling out paperwork to scientific and cultural activities.

For partner universities, the program is particularly easy to access, with a turnkey experience delivered by a dedicated member of the GIANT team. Partner university students get the benefit of being able to focus on their internship project and on enjoying their experience in France from the moment they arrive. The GIANT team takes care of the paperwork!

For internship supervisors in Grenoble, hosting a GIIP intern is a great way to identify talent and to forge or strengthen international collaborations without most of the red tape associated with hiring an international intern.

Since 2011, GIANT campus laboratories have hosted more than 300 international interns through the GIANT International Internship Programme and its predecessor, the MINATEC Summer Program.

The program has earned a reputation as an incubator for international collaborations between supervisors, and has led to several major projects involving the GIANT campus and its international partners. Finally, GIIP is also used as a test bed for pilot programs such as innovation residencies before they are opened up to GIANT campus students.

GIIP GIANT International internship programme