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    Higher Education – Information and communication


    Information and communication for the future

    Advanced information and communication systems and technologies are and will be increasingly key factors in economic, social and cultural development.

    GIANT institutions of higher learning provide training in advanced fields of scientific progress and the management skills needed to initiate new forms of communication.

    For scientific and technological studies, one of GIANT’s partner institutions of higher learning, Phelma (part of Grenoble INP), offers a full slate of relevant programs in applied physics, physics and chemistry of new materials, electro-chemistry, processes, nano-sciences, electronics and information management, inlcuding sound and image processing. Grenoble Ecole de Management provides training for the organization and implementation of these techniques in the real world.

    Academic programs in GIANT member schools therefore allow students to learn about the most advanced topics and also provide them with a springboard for future employment since information and communication technologies and systems will be a source of development and entrepreneurial initiatives for the coming decades. Grenoble is home to over 300 of France’s cutting-edge IT and communication systems companies, including ST Microelectronics, Cap Gemini and Soitec.

    As part of their studies, GIANT’s institutions of higher learning provide students with access to on-site and nearby state-of-the-art research facilities, including:

    • The resources shared by members of the Carnot Institute (the CEA, CNRS, Grenoble-Institute of Technology and the Joseph Fourier University laboratories)
    • The laboratories and large-scale research facilities for physics (ESRF, ILL, EMBL, Néel Institute of the CNRS)
    • Converging topics with micro and nanotechnologies at MINATEC and intelligent systems and software at Minalogic.

    GIANT’s member institutions of higher learning have joined forces to attract the best French and international students to perpetuate the tradition of excellence and innovation in advanced information and communication research and applications in the region, working in close cooperation with research and business partners.