GIANT – Presqu’île local travel plan association


In 2011, stakeholders in the Presqu’île area with established transportation plans decided to collaborate on shared transportation projects. In 2014, this movement was formalized in the PDIE Presqu’île-GIANT Association, a recognized public-interest organization. The Association is made up of over 20 local establishments (research centers, engineering schools, and industrial companies), including all GIANT partners.

The Association’s mission is to reduce the proportion of solo car trips in the area to 20% of journeys by 2025 and to develop a sustainable transportation network on the GIANT campus.

Together, its members define and implement actions and tools to raise awareness and change travel habits.

For instance, they offer incentives to encourage people to choose ‘green mobility’ options—people-friendly, climate-friendly ways to get around, such as walking, cycling, carsharing, carpooling, or using scooters or public transportation.

Other actions include organizing events, sharing best practice, and working to ensure passenger safety.

Members benefit from discounts at bicycle shops and can save money through group purchases.