GIANT Junior Ambassadors


The GIANT innovation campus offers many opportunities for local doctoral students to develop their network and cross-disciplinary skills. Because it can be difficult at first to find one’s way around the multitude of players in research and industry, and to meet and collaborate with colleagues from other institutions, the GIANT student network is there to help local doctoral students meet, exchange ideas and find their way around.


A network for and by doctoral students


Each year, the GIANT Student Network is entrusted to a new team of GIANT Junior Ambassadors (#GJAs), a group of doctoral students selected from the campus laboratories. Their mission is to act as a link between communities inside and outside GIANT, such as students, researchers, international visitors and professionals from industry and start-ups.


Get to know the current team on our Instagram account: @giant_grenoble

Discover the 2023-2024 Team
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Discover the 2023-2024 Team

This is the new team!

Ananya Kedige Rao, hailing from India, finds herself in the second year of her PhD program at UGA. Her research is centered in the realm of marine plankton, with a particular emphasis on kleptoplasty, an intriguing phenomenon involving the pilfering of chloroplasts to endure the rigors of harsh marine environments. In the future, she harbors aspirations of delving into the application of engineering tools in the field of marine biology. Outside of her academic pursuits, she has a deep-seated love for globetrotting, immersing herself in new locales like a local, and capturing moments through the lens of her camera. She describes herself as observant, imaginative, and sociable.

 #Observant #Imaginative #Sociable

Vanessa Escobar, a 26-year-old Mexican with a background in Biotechnology Engineering, arrived in France in 2020 to pursue her Master’s degree, which has now evolved into a Ph.D. at the SyMMES laboratory in CEA, Grenoble. Her future goal is to blend her biotech research career with science communication to inspire young students. In her free time, she enjoys nature outings in the nearby Alps, reading mystery novels, dancing salsa, and playing the guitar.

#womaninscience #futuredr #bookworm


His name is Mohamed Chakroune. He is Franco-Moroccan. He did the majority of his studies in Strasbourg, but he moved around a lot in France before finally arriving in Grenoble. He arrived here a few months ago to pursue his thesis with the « Micro-Technologies for Biology and Healthcare » Division at CEA Leti. He does biomechanical modeling, and his research focuses on the digital signature of the cardiovascular system in the forearm for blood pressure measurement. He enjoys playing basketball and listening to music. 



Elijah Ugaddan, hailing from the Philippines, is a passionate Ph.D. student exploring the realms of Hydrogen Storage and Electrochemistry. Her vision for the future is to lead a team of researchers in the field of Energy Storage projects. Beyond the lab, she dreams of running her own beachfront café in the Philippines. Her interests span science, volleyball, and a love for food, making her a well-rounded individual. Ellie is dedicated to making scientific advancements both in her field and on the volleyball court, all while keeping an eye on the perfect wave by the beach.

#VolleyballAddict #JackOfAllTradesMasterOfFun #FoodieScientist


Mona Masoumzadeh, originally from Iran, with a marketing and business administration background, shifted from architecture to a management role at a prestigious architecture firm. After earning an MBA from the European University of Geneva, she excelled as a marketing manager at Ramona Shahdnoush Kish Co. from 2014 to 2022. In September 2022, she started her PhD at GEM to explore consumption psychology and its innovative applications. Her interests encompass data science, problem-solving, and people skills, while her leisure activities include exploring new places, visiting art exhibitions, and playing chess.


Mukhtar SANI, originally from Kano, Nigeria, received an American scholarship in 2005, leading to high school in Kano. He earned a first-class degree in electrical engineering from Kano University of Science and Technology in 2015. In 2017, sponsored by the Kano state government and the French embassy, he pursued a master’s degree in systems, controls, and information technologies, followed by a Ph.D. in automation and mobile robots at Université Grenoble Alpes. He is currently working on post-doctoral research at CEA Grenoble, specializing in fault diagnosis using machine learning approaches. His goals include professional success, a happy family, and creating a mentoring and scholarship platform.

#hardworker #Friendly #social 


Stephane Tawil, a 3rd-year Ph.D. student at the Symmes Laboratory in CEA Grenoble, focuses on developing biosensors for cell secretion detection. Hailing from Athens, Greece, he pursued his bachelor’s studies in the physics department of Dijon, France, and later obtained a master’s degree in nanosciences in Grenoble. His passion lies in combining physics with health, bridging the gap between medicine and physics. In his free time, Stephane enjoys technology, exploring various cuisines, meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and team sports. He also makes time for music, playing and singing with guitar covers of songs.

#Outdoors&photography   #travel   #Techenthusiast



Gregory Ahungwa, a research engineer, has 8+ years of experience in hardware and software development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a master’s in Signal and Image Processing. He’s currently completing a CIFRE PhD program at the GIPSA-lab, focusing on Machine Learning for hydro-turbine health monitoring in collaboration with General Electric. His interests span Signal Processing, Data Engineering, Software Development, and DevOps. In his personal life, Gregory is married and enjoys sports, particularly football and badminton, while staying up-to-date on IT and related technologies. 

#ResearchEngineer   #TechEnthusiast   #DataEngineer   #PhDResearcher  #MLEngineer