The Echosciences Platform


The online platform for all things sci-tech in Grenoble

Echosciences Grenoble is a platform focused on topics related to science and technology. Hosted by Casemate, Grenoble’s center for sci-tech education (CCSTI), it is a collaborative online platform open to both amateurs and professionals within the world of science.

Created in 2012, the platform is a place for scientific institutions, as well as avid scientists and the self-employed, to publish articles and news stories, and to participate in and organize science outreach events.

Echosciences Grenoble aims to bring together all the scientific content produced by those working in research and education in Grenoble and the surrounding area.

Echosciences is for anyone who wants to know about the latest science developments and events, including those working in science or education.’ – Marion Sabourdy, Head of New Media at Casemate and Associate Professor on the Master in Scientific and Technical Communication and Education at Grenoble Alpes University.

Echosciences Grenoble in numbers :

  • 3,000 members
  • 600 contributors
  • 30,000 unique monthly visitors
  • 6,500 pieces of content (articles, events, and adverts)
  • 47,000 average monthly pageviews in 2020