Getting around Grenoble


There are plenty of sustainable and accessible transportation options for getting around the city

The city of Grenoble is committed to providing sustainable transportation options, including services for people with reduced mobility. Make use of the extensive public transportation network or other environmentally friendly options such as carsharing and carpooling, or get active and travel by foot or by bike—the city’s cycle lanes and shared-use paths make this a great choice.

Urban transportation : buses and tramways

The Grenoble Transportation Authority, TAG, provides a fully accessible transportation network for the greater Grenoble area, with five tram lines and over 40 bus routes, many of which offer frequent services and long operating hours. 

The Transisère network of regional buses connects Grenoble with most towns in the Isère district. 

The GIANT innovation campus itself is easy to reach via public transportation. Grenoble station (served by both regional and high-speed train services) and the B line on the tramway network (with trams arriving every four minutes) are a few steps away. Also nearby are the bus lines 22 and 54 and Chrono bus lines C1, C5, and C6 (with buses running at least every 10 minutes during the day).

Other ways of getting around Grenoble

The GIANT innovation campus is perfect for cyclists, with an entire network of bike paths and bike lanes. Soon, it will also be connected to the Chronovélo 1, one of four major bike routes across the city.

You don’t even need to have your own bike. Métrovélo offers short and long-term bike rentals for the city, from just one day to an entire year. You can also rent bikes and electric scooters.

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