Parvis des Sciences – School Days


Each year, GIANT organizes the ‘Parvis des Sciences’ (PDS) to coincide with France’s annual Science Week. The event is the only science village in Grenoble, and takes place over five days, four of which are reserved for schools and the last day is open to the general public.

The PDS features some forty booths covering a wide range of topics, and is staffed by nearly 200 volunteer engineers, scientists, college students, PhD students, and employees from the various institutes and laboratories on the GIANT innovation campus.

Students of all ages from Grenoble-area schools can come along and learn about science through games, hands-on experiments, demonstrations, presentations, lectures, and educational exhibits. 

These activities give students the opportunity to interact directly with scientists who, year after year, continue to captivate school-age children lucky enough to learn about science in a way that is new to them.

Participating school groups attend a series of three workshops over 90 minutes for elementary students and over 120 minutes for high school. In 2019, more than 1,650 students benefited from these activities at the tenth annual PDS.

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