GIANT Reviews


The GIANT Review, the scientific magazine of the Innovation Campus, is developed by an editorial committee that includes scientific, academic and technological experts from the 8 institutes of the GIANT campus.

The review is an English-language magazine that showcases the scientific and technological expertise of the GIANT innovation campus.

Published twice a year, it’s aimed at an international audience of scientists, academics, institutional representatives, and industrial companies. It shines a light on the work being carried out in campus laboratories and on the innovation projects undertaken by GIANT’s eight founding members.

Each issue includes a feature about one of the major societal challenges the GIANT partners are working on together, examining their response and the progress made.
The Review also contains the latest news from the Grenoble innovation ecosystem, original articles, and interviews with GIANT researchers and experts. And the ‘People of GIANT’ section profiles those who play an important role in the life of the campus and its programs and activities.

The Editor-in-Chief, Stéphane Siebert, Director of CEA’s Technology Research Unit, leads an editorial board with members from each of GIANT’s eight founding institutions. Together they define the editorial line and decide what to include in the magazine.