GIANT@School Programs


GIANT@School is an umbrella for the different educational outreach programs that the GIANT campus runs for elementary, middle, and high schools.

The overriding objective is to raise young people’s awareness of science in general, of the problems science can address, and of careers in science.

GIANT@School programs are helping debunk stereotypes about careers in science, removing barriers like gender and educational background.

Students explore scientific disciplines through meetings, classroom activities, laboratory tours, and lectures on topics as diverse as nanotechnology, physics, biology, and microelectronics.

This unique approach to science gives young people the opportunity to learn through experimentation and prototyping as they interact directly with researchers passionate about sharing their knowledge. Students use their prior knowledge and reasoning skills, of course, but they also get to flex their creativity and imagination.

Nano@School, Innov@School, and Synchrotron@School are just three of these school outreach programs. Open to all Grenoble-area public schools, these programs also welcome international school groups from all over Europe and beyond.

Every year, GIANT science outreach programs reach around 5,000 students.

All of these initiatives are developed through close collaboration between GIANT partners and Grenoble-area public schools to ensure that they align with school curricula.