High Level Forum


GIANT: a top-ranked innovation ecosystem driving an active international community

Launched in 2012 by GIANT and its local industrial and institutional partners, the High Level Forum (HLF) is an international network of high-caliber innovation ecosystems.

The HLF brings together leading figures in innovation from around the world, including decision and policy makers from higher education, research, industry, business, government, and politics—individuals who are tasked with managing or promoting innovation within their local ecosystem.

The network’s overarching aim is to facilitate collaboration between innovation ecosystems in different countries. Members are encouraged to:

  • Share policies, strategies, and experiences regarding how they manage innovation and promote their campus;
  • Connect with their peers with a view to setting up partnerships;
  • Develop common initiatives to boost the economic and social benefits of innovation programs.

The HLF is an active network, with events held throughout the year to encourage members to share information and best practice, and work together on innovation-focused solutions to major societal problems.

Key dates on the calendar include: HLF Connect Briefings, a series of online presentations which each focus on a crucial question of our time, and the HLF Annual Summit, an international event bringing together delegates from HLF’s global community for four days of lectures, panel discussions, and working groups featuring a diverse mix of participants.