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    A closer look at GIANT start-ups


    High-tech start-ups are often born from laboratory research. These new businesses are usually created when researchers team up with partners to develop marketable applications for their technologies. If a technology is deemed to have market potential, then a start-up can provide the manufacturing resources and business acumen to see it through.

    Start-ups often receive guidance from the research labs that spawned them. At each stage of the business creation process, start-ups receive support from business incubators and other organizations in the form of training and product launch assistance.

    A decade’s worth of start-ups: 50 in all

    The GIANT campus has given rise to around 50 new businesses over the past ten years. Many of these young companies operate in a high-tech industry and now market innovations that grew out of laboratory research. Today these businesses provide around 600 jobs.

    The newest start-ups receive substantial support from research labs like CEA-Liten, CEA-Leti, Grenoble Institute of Technology, ESRF, CNRS, and IBS.

    Since 2009

    • Enerbee, innovative motion-based energy generation technology
    • ISKN, the interaction of paper and digital with the Slate
    • APIX Analytics, miniaturized gas mixture analysis systems
    • Isorg, a maker of photonic sensors and image sensors using printed organic electronics
    • Ethera, a provider of nanoporous sensors to trap pollutants
    • R3 Logic, a developer of design software for 3D integrated circuits
    • Aselta Nanographics, a developer of systems to enhance electron beam lithography
    • Prollion, a supplier of battery packs and cells for electrochemical energy storage
    • Small Infinity, a developer and manufacturer of near-field microscopes
    • Kapteos, a supplier of electrical field measurement systems
    • Eveon, a developer of automated medical injection systems using microsystems
    • Elena Energie, a manufacturer of small, silent turbo wind turbines to generate electricity for homes
    • NatX-Ray, a provider of protein crystallography robots and services