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    Accommodation in Grenoble


    Temporary accomodation

    Always contact your employer first as he may have special agreements with various residences:
    Tempologis is hosting employees and vistors for short stays in Grenoble. It is advised to reserve for a minimum of one month.
    Other residences offering similar services:

    To help you settle down in Grenoble, several volunteer or public organisations were set up in the Grenoble area to welcome you and your family, and help you adapt to the French way of life.

    LC Mobility
    lc mobility

    45 Avenue Alsace Lorraine
    38000 GRENOBLE
    E-mail :

    Grenoble AVF Accueil

    9, rue de la Poste
    38000 GRENOBLE
    E-mail :

    Hotels: to obtain a list of hotels in Grenoble, contact the Office du Tourisme.

    The ESRF guesthouse (EPN Campus) is dedicated to short-stay researchers (family members are not allowed).


    Renting your accomodation


    Buying your accomodation

    Public utilities / services

    Electricity / Gas, Water, Telephone / Internet, Television license