Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies

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    Fundamental research


    Paths to knowledge

    The starting point for advanced fundamental research today is the observation of new states of matter. This requires collaborative work between high-level multidisciplinary partners working toward shared goals and using the most advanced instrumentation. GIANT offers researchers the high-performance tools needed to explore matter under extreme conditions, including measurements in intense magnetic fields and to characterize materials at a nanoscopic scale.

    These facilities, combined with expertise in model studies, theoretical work and the study of new materials, have contributed to Grenoble’s reputation for excellence in fundamental scientific research. GIANT consolidates these human and technical resources and enables researchers, engineers and students to access advanced instruments to work on long-term research projects in the nanosciences and nanotechnologies, materials science, microelectronics, quantum physics and lasers, cryotechnologies, biology, biotechnology and energy.



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