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    GIANT’s dedicated technology platforms


    International-caliber science and technology research (both fundamental and applied) often entails observing matter and fabricating and characterizing components activities that necessitate cutting-edge equipment.

    Owning and operating such equipment not only requires a substantial human and financial investment, but also demands a finely-honed set of skills. GIANT’s technology platforms pool the human and financial resources of multiple partners to make the latest cutting-edge research instruments available to users. The platforms provide researchers from many fields with the technology and expertise needed to conduct their experiments.

    GIANT’s technology platforms not only provide researchers with crucial resources, but also enable professionals from the complementary worlds of research and industry to work together.

    An intensive collaboration between research and industry

    The GIANT campus, home to intensive collaboration between research and industry, counts a dozen technology platforms covering nanotechnology, biotechnology, and new energy technologies.

    The platforms’ technological resources, which span design, characterization, and fabrication, are used for multidisciplinary research and development in the following fields:

    • Electronic, electromagnetic, and electro-optical components
    • Chemical and biological systems
    • Software

    Researchers from a wide range of fields come together at the platforms to work on joint projects, thus facilitating the application of innovative technologies and the integration of heterogeneous devices.

    A broad range of resources

    Major EU-funded research programs with leading microelectronics foundries often involve research at the GIANT platforms; many of these programs ultimately result in new products and services. The platforms have been able to play such a prominent role thanks largely to their end-to-end 300-mm integration line for nanoelectronics and heterogeneous 200-mm integration line for More than Moore applications. No other publicly-funded research facility in the world provides such a broad range of resources in a single location.

    GIANT also provides manufacturers with a specific platform for technology and innovation management. This platform is designed to help them integrate the latest market research and management ideas into their innovation projects.

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