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GIANT International Internship Programme – summer 2018

GIANT welcomes 27 students from top tier US universities for international research experience from 22 May to 27 July.


A unique programme

The GIANT International Internship Programme is a unique opportunity for non-European students to gain first-hand experience of scientific research and innovation in state-of-the-art facilities in Grenoble.

A scientific and cultural programme complements their work in the lab or startup, and GIANT provides placement, tailored welcome services and administrative assistance.

Fostering international collaborations

The GIIP has proved to be an extremely effective way of sparking collaborations between supervisors and building sustainable partnerships between the GIANT innovation campus and its foreign partners. It is also a testbed for pilots of innovation programme to be replicated in the near future for local students.

For instance, Penn students will remain one week longer in Grenoble for a rapid prototyping workshop, which is part of the Partnership for International Research and Education « REACT », c–financed by the National Science Foundation and the French ANR.


Building the French-American newtork

The French-American Workshop, taking place halway through the GIIP, strengthens the France/US network in research and higher education that has been built through the GIIP. The 7th edition will be held on 21 and 22 June at Maison MINATEC, with Prof Catherine Picart (LMGP) and Prof Daeyeon Lee (Penn) as keynote speakers. The event is open to all researchers in France and the US, by registration before 15 June.


Another GIIP session will begin in September, for students from Latin American and Japan.

GIANT researchers / startups, if you’d like to host a GIIP intern of an upcoming session, contact us at !



Summer 2018 GIIP cohort


Home university Number of students Host institute* Number of interns
University of Pennsylvania 11 CEA 9
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 7 CNRS 7
University of Pittsburgh 3 Grenoble EM 4
Virginia Tech 1 Grenoble INP 3
Stanford University 2 ILL 2
Case Western Reserve University 1 UGA 1
Syracuse University 1
Carnegie Mellon University 1

*Institute who sigend the contract; interns may be placed in joint labs.

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