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GIANT researchers & start-ups: host an international intern next summer!


Submit your research project or short mission by 22 December


The GIANT International Internship Programme (GIIP) facilitates 10 to 12-week research internships for non-European students. They are preselected by their universities (for the summer intake: MIT, UPenn, UC Berkeley, Stanford…). GIANT provides support for administrative and logistical matters, and organises scientific and cultural activities outside of lab time. The host laboratory provides the internship stipend.

The GIIP aims at:

  • attracting and retaining high-potential students
  • structuring partnerships with top universities abroad
  • fostering and supporting new collaborations.

213 interns have been hosted since 2011 and 10% have come back as interns, PhD students or postdoc fellows. Several collaboration projects have received substantial bilateral funding.

If you’d like to host an intern for the summer 2018 intake (~May-July), please submit a research topic on by 22 December 2017 (contact to have your supervisor profile created).

Contact us if you’d like to host an intern from a university with which you work but which isn’t a GIIP partner so far:

Eligibility: laboratories affiliated with CEA, CNRS, EMBL, ESRF, GEM, ILL, Grenoble-INP, UGA and local startups and companies.

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