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Grenoble Ekiden by GIANT – Edition 2018


Sunday the 21st of october 2018

Race results
Grenoble Ekiden by GIANT


Grenoble Ekiden is a marathon (42,195 km) relay race of 6 runners.
Distances are imposed and ran through the 6 different runners according to the following order:  5 km, 10 km,
5 km, 10 km, 5 km, and 7,195 km.

The trip is organised in a loop to be ran through once or twice by each participant.
The relay zone takes place in the same area than the departure and finishing lines for more friendliness.
For the runner number 6, a small loop of 2,195 km is organiszed onthe main loop: he/she has to run through the main loop once before running through the small one.


Race resultsResults available from the 21st october 2018


The Programme 

Friday 19th october 2018 Saturday 20th october 2018 Sunday 21st october 2018
From 15h30 to 18h30 
Bibs collection at GO SPORT Grand Place
From 14h30 to 18h30
Bibs collection at Gymnase Europole
From 8h15 to 9h15
Bibs collection at Gymnase Europole9h45
Race briefing  

Grenoble Ekiden by GIANT departure

Estimated finishing time for the first team

Race awards


Kids race

Grenoble Ekiden also offers free races for kids : subscription on site only.
Meeting at Kids subscriptions tent from 11h00 on Parvis MINATEC (3, Parvis Louis Néel, 38000 Grenoble) for subscriptions.
Race available for kids born between 2002 and 2014.


On site services

Checkroom managed by Locomotive Association, offers a free deposit and showers at Gymnase Europole.
A restauration service is also available on Parvis MINATEC offering hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and warm food.


Grenoble Ekiden access

Importance notice: Félix Esclangon Street will be closed to cars from 5h to 18h on Sunday the 21st of october 2018.


Race access


We warmely recommend the use of public transports to access the race area. Especially tramway ligne B (Palais de justice stop).


Grenoble Ekiden

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