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    Grenoble Institute of Technology students bring Awards

    More than 1,000 students took part in the 2013 GEM Inno Awards. Three innovation projects took home prizes, and one of them – a food freshness detection system – was invented by students from Grenoble Institute of Technology.

    The competition, which was run by Grenoble Ecole de Management, pitted students from GEM, Grenoble Institute of Technology, EUM/UDA Clermont-Ferrand, Lebanese Canadian University, ESGMS in Paris, and ENSIAS in Morocco against one another to come up with a totally new product or service (that is not yet on the market) in one of the GIANT Innovation Campus’ three focus areas: healthcare, energy, or information technology. The goal was to identify opportunities businesses can use to broaden or deepen their markets. The winning projects, announced on May 30, 2013, will be on display until July 15.

    The contending projects included: ski pass insurance enabling policyholders to exchange their ski pass for another activity in the event of an injury, an economical and environmentally-friendly propulsion system for the aerospace industry, and free in-store computer, smartphone, and tablet training for senior citizens. Here is a closer look at the winning entries:

    Healthcare – Fresenius: A food freshness detector
    Award given by Bertrand Vildrac (Director of Human Resources, Fresenius).
    The paper indicator in contact with the product reacts to selected bacteria, changing color when the product becomes unsuitable for consumption.

    Energy: Let’s KIC it
    Award given by Serge Durand (Director, KIC InnoEnergy France).
    A serious game in which players (students and personnel from start-ups from around the globe) had to create the most environmentally-friendly city possible.

    ICTs: Geobaker’s
    Award given by Renaud Cornu Emieux (Director, EMSI Grenoble).
    Geobaker’s is a mobile application allowing neighborhood shops (mainly bakeries) to communicate with customers with the goal of selling their goods faster and testing new products. Consumers can locate the best-ranked bakeries in their area and order certain products on line.

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