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    Higher Education – Biology and Health


    Innovation in Biology and Health for the future

    Health and biology sciences and technologies will have to deal with major issues in the decades to come: a doubling of the world’s population in the next 50 years, increased life expectancy and aging populations in the developed countries and mass public health issues in the developing and emerging countries, including the eradication of disease.

    Advanced training in life sciences, biology and health

    For students wishing to study in these challenging and vital areas of human knowledge, GIANT offers advanced training in all areas of life sciences, biology and health. All three institutions – Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble Institute of Technology and the Joseph Fourier University – offer a wide range of courses in these areas and degrees at all levels, including Master’s and Ph.D’s.

    The Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), for example, is one of France’s leading institutions of higher education in science, technology, medicine and public health management. UGA offers a variety of bachelor and master programs, including 52 bachelor’s degrees, 84 research-oriented or vocational master’s degrees and has 8 doctoral degrees.

    UGA works actively with 70 laboratories and its top level research is developed in partnership with national research bodies and major international facilities, including GIANT members. This high calibre research focuses on four main areas:

    • Earth and Universe sciences, Environment and Society
    • Life and Health Sciences, Chemistry and Bioengineering
    • Mathematics, Information and Communication Sciences and Technology
    • Materials Science and Engineering.