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    Innovative technologies for biology and healthcare


    The development of innovation technologies within GIANT concern both research programs and platforms. First, GIANT is committed to developing new technologies for healthcare, especially to improve medical diagnosis and treatment. Second, as the research programs of GIANT partners rely on a unique set of technological platforms aimed at deciphering protein structure and function, innovation technologies are essential for continuously maintaining competencies and technologies to their highest level thus requiring a continuous effort for innovation in fields of reference.

    New technologies for healthcare

    On the Giant site dedicated to Biotechnology, in the vicinity of Minatec, the CEA Leti develops new technologies for healthcare to improve medical diagnosis and treatment, in collaboration with university hospitals, academic institutes and companies. For instance, CEA Leti and its partners are working to develop point of care on a chip, including sample preparation, in which self-contained portable labs can concentrate a tiny sample of blood, water or air, identify its molecular structure and immediately detect pathogens or toxins.

    To carry out these projects, two innovation platforms have been set up in collaboration with local partners: NanoBio, and Clinatec.

    Several R&D axes for healthcare are making use of unique advanced capabilities:

    Advanced capabilities

    • Microfluidics
    • Microsystems
    • Integrative chemistry
    • Analog electronics design
    • Digital detectors for medical imaging

    Focused Axes of R&D:

    • Digital radiation detectors for medical imaging and homeland security
    • Molecular imaging and drug delivery
    • Lab-on-chip for IVD, environmental monitoring and industrial control
    • Wearable and implantable medical devices
    • Oncology research: in vitro diagnosis, implantable medical devices
    • Molecular imaging and drug delivery

    Research and development for technological platforms

    Starting from historical competencies in the field of protein biochemistry, new expertises have been developed that rely on the use of X rays and neutrons produced by the large european facilities at Grenoble, together with numerous complementary methods (mass spectrometry, NMR, electron microscopy, etc.) that allows samples characterisation, studies of protein conformation changes or of their interactions with ligands. A unique set of technological platforms dedicated to structural and functional analyses of proteins has been set up by numerous research teams of Giant actors with the continuous aim of keeping to their highest level all their competencies et technologies they handle. Research and development around GIANT platforms de GIANT (PSB and IRTSV platforms) mostly concern the following fields:

    • Protein production, crystallization, labelling
    • Protein characterization (NMR, X rays, neutrons, etc.)
    • Proteomics (mass spectrometry)
    • Electron microscopy & molecular imaging
    • Modelling, Bioinformatics
    • High content cellular screening