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    Leisure and cultural activities



    The city offers many opportunities for visits and discoveries. Many museums can be visited, such as:

    • Le Musée de Grenoble
    • Le CNAC, Centre National d’Art Contemporain
    • Le Musée Dauphinois
    • Le Musée de l’ancien Evêché
    • Le Musée Hébert
    • Le Muséum d’histoire Naturelle.

    For more information: Musées de Grenoble – Grenoble Tourisme & Congrès


    Concert Halls

    Le palais des Sports de Grenoble built in 1967 for the Winter Olympics of 1968, welcomes many events and preformances such as rock/pop concerts, Festival international du Cirque, Supercross, les 6 jours de Grenoble (cycling event).

    Le Summum/Alexpo for concerts, comedians, exhibitions, etc

    MC2 Maison de la culture has many facilities: a large concert hall, an auditorium, a workshop, a rehearsal theater, two dans studios…It is the home of the National Choreographic Center of Contemporary Dance, the National Drama Center of the Alps and the musicians of the Louvre-Grenoble.


    Libraries and bookshops

    Bibliothèque Municipale Internationale – multilingual public library (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic)
    Web site: Bibliothèques municipales de Grenoble : le réseau
    Bibliothèque Anglophone de Meylan – English language library with bookworm Café, second-hand books in English, coffee/tea shop, book clubs, storytelling for kids in English, musical events…

    English Library at Babel – English language library housed in a local non-profit association.

    The Connexion: French news in English.



    Movies shown in their original version are indicated by the logo “V.O” or “VOST” (version originale sous titrée). Movies with subtitles can be seen in the following cinemas:

    • La NEF
    • Le Club
    • Le Méliès
    • Le Centre culturel Cinématographique. The centre also organizes discussions about the movies shown.


    Cinémas, Clubs et Casinos de Grenoble – Grenoble Tourisme & Congrès