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    Start-up success stories


    • Soitec, founded in 1992 to manufacture Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) wafers for advanced microelectronic devices, has since grown to become the global leader in its industry. It generates €300m of revenue and employs 1,000 people at sites in France and Singapore.


    • Xenocs, established in 2000, designs and markets optical systems and components for X-ray, neutron, and extreme UV applications. The company also makes products used in materials analysis, semiconductor fabrication, and protein crystallography.


    • PX’Therapeutics, created in 2000, is a contract R&D firm that develops and produces antibodies and complex recombinant proteins. Its 60 employees also fabricate preclinical lots of therapeutic proteins.


    • Crocus Technology, founded in 2004, uses unique technology patented by Spintec (a GIANT laboratory) to fabricate MRAM devices. The 25-person-strong start-up aims to become a global leader, and has already raised €30m.


    • Tiempo, set up in 2007, provides core-IP chip designs for low-power, low-noise integrated systems. The company raised €1.1m in January 2008 and employs 14 people.