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    Student life


    Several organisations dedicated to the student life in Grenoble can be consulted for all types of services:


    IntEGre (International Etudiants de Grenoble) is a student association that welcomes international students at Grenoble Universities.

    They help you to enjoy your time in France through various activities: socializing with other students, linguistic exchanges, tutorship, wine and cheese testing, dinners and outings, cultural visits, and much more!

    • EVE – L’Espace Vie Etudiante

    Association located in the university campus where they organize events and offer services to students such as: concerts, theatre, dance, exhibitions, integration of foreign students (API – Pôle d’intégration des étudiants étrangers) –

    • IZI PASS

    Discount card reserved for students aged under 30 that offers discounts in: pubs, restaurants and snack, shopping centers, sporting activities and shops beauty centers driving school, photo shops, computing, caterers –


    • CROUS – Centre Régional des uvres Universitaires et Scolaires

    A government agency with a regional authority offering student services: accommodation, meals on the campus, culture … Accommodation for foreign students


    • Espace Logement Etudiant

    Offers all kinds of services connected to student accommodation. You can get advice for settling down in Grenoble, including financial help, meet other students who will share good tips about Grenoble and its student life, consult ads to find student accomodation and flat mates, get internet access to look for information, find documentation, maps, practical guides…

    • Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA)

    Visit UGA website :

    A website dedicated to international students and scholars of Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes, where UGA can help you to prepare your future stay in Grenoble :