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    Moving to Grenoble: LC Mobility

    Moving to Grenoble: LC Mobility

    To facilitate the arrival and settling of employees (from France or foreign countries), LC Mobility offers a range of services for short and long term stays.

    LC Mobility is specialized in welcoming and helping all newcomers to settle in Grenoble (accommodation+ formalities), for all durations (from a few weeks to several years) and all status (single, in couple, with family).

    LC Mobility considers all types of funding: laboratory, employee himself, Mobili-Pass (1% logement).

    All kind of accommodation can be found (collocation, studio, flat, host family…) and research can start from a distant location or on site.

    Administrative formalities (bank account, mobile phone, Internet, home insurance...) are handled by the LC Mobility team.

    Download the Formulaire GIANT_LCMobility_2017-2018

    For further information, visit the website : Or contact LC Mobility team: