Organize your events: Maison MINATEC (Parvis Louis Néel)

Organize your events: Maison MINATEC (Parvis Louis Néel)

Animated by MINATEC Events team, the Maison MINATEC is located in the heart of GIANT campus. It has dedicated special-events facilities, ranging from 15-person conference rooms to a 400-seat amphitheater.

MINATEC Events team handles the organizational aspects of the events (meetings, seminars, conventions, conferences, workshops), offering a slate of “MINATEC Events” services from which partners can choose:

  • Event needs analysis and specifications
  • Facilities management during the event (access, audiovisual equipment, foreign language interpreting, etc.)
  • Catering
  • Price quotes for catering, exhibit booths, and other event services
  • Financial management of the event, including budgeting and grant applications
  • Preparation of event information packs
  • Hotel and shuttle reservations
  • Organization of evening events at MINATEC and elsewhere

The MINATEC team provides services for twelve of major events per year.

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