GIANT Orientation day – 26 November 2019


The GIANT Junior Ambassadors team launches a new event dedicated to incoming junior researchers in 2019

The 2nd edition of the GIANT Orientation Day will take place on 26 November 2019, in multiple venues on the GIANT campus.

Why should you attend?

The GIANT Orientation Day is a federative event intended for students from all institutes and companies on campus to meet and network. It is also the opportunity to know more about what kind of research and activities happen in local labs and companies.

Put simply, this is the perfect place to start building your local network!

We are preparing a programme including icebreakers in the form of serious games, some fun contests, and several circuits of visits in labs, platforms and companies on the campus.

Please note that a copy of your passport or ID is required in advance to access most of the sites (details below).


Time Programme
9.30am Introduction by the GIANT Junior Ambassadors
9.40am Presentation of the GIANT Campus

PhD life tips by the GIANT Junior Ambassadors

10.15am Icebreaker “semi-serious” game – form your teams and win severals Slate 2+ by local startup iskn


Tour of the Institute for Stuctural Biology (upon registration)

12pm Lunch
1pm-2.30pm Tour of selected facilities – session 1 (choice of one)
*CEA Tech showroom -demonstrators of the latest devices and solutions straight out of CEA labs

Linksium – startup accelerator and tech transfer

*SPINTEC – leading spintronics lab

*CYTOO – contract research startup for physiological cell-based assays

2.30pm-4pm Tour of selected facilities – session 2 (choice of one)
*CEA Tech showroom -demonstrators of the latest devices and solutions straight out of CEA labs

*CEA Nanocharacterisation platform

ISORG -startup producing organic photodetectors

*DSBT -Low temperature systems lab / focus on space applications

LMGP -physical sciences and material engineering lab

TIMA – Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture lab @ CIME Nanotech (platform for microeletronics, nanosciences, nanotechnologies)

Registration is free and until 24 November

Register here

* Visits to the Institute for Structural Biology, CEA showroom, SPINTEC, CYTOO, nanocharacterisation platform and DSBT are subject to controlled access and require early registration by 13 or 15 November- if you register for one of these, please send the copy of your passport or ID card by the same day to

This GIANT Orientation day 2nd edition is free and open to all PhD students, postdoc fellows and interns working in labs, startups and companies located on the GIANT campus.

International student and worried about the language barrier? The Orientation Day will be fully held in English!

This event is brought to you by the GIANT Junior Ambassadors and is part of the GIANT student network programmation.

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